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Use this process to import an existing Office 365 tenant to WHMCS.

This process assumes the Office 365 tenant already exists in Prime Portal. If not, you must transition the tenant to Prime Portal before following this process. Importing a tenant does not import any existing subscriptions. They must be ordered immediately after the tenant has been imported. 


  1. Login to WHMCS
  2. Create a new or locate an existing client
  3. If the client already exists in WHMCS, navigate to Clients -> View/Search Clients and locate the client you wish to link to the tenant
  4. If you need to create a new client in WHMCS, navigate to Clients -> Add new client and create the client
  5. From the Client Profile screen select the Profile tab
  6. Locate the Rhipe Customer dropdown and select the tenant from the list.
  7. Read the information on the dialogue box carefully before linking the tenant.
  8. If the tenant has existing subscriptions in Prime Portal you must order those licenses through WHMCS.

Remember, WHMCS is the source of truth for Office 365 subscriptions after a tenant has been linked to a WHMCS client.

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